Saturday, July 28, 2007

IW's participation in MAAD

We regret to inform you that IW will no longer be participating in MAAD events as of August 2007. It is unfortunate that MAAD has decided to allow our personal disagreement to triumph over its objectives, leading to its decision to drop IW.

IW has conformed and operated in accordance to MAAD's guidelines, "whims and fancy" since its stint in October 2006, and needless to say, we are disappointed by this decision.

We hereby publish the letter, addressed to us by its "manager", in its entirety, plus excerpts of Norms' email response:

To: Ms Normal Wong and June Crawford
From : Shannon Ong
Date: Jul 20, 2007
RE: Inc Wedding LLP Participation in MAAD

Dear Norma and June,

During MAAD on 7th & 8th July, we noticed that you offered ear candling service to visitors without seeking prior event approval from us and despite our objection. Secondly, this service is not in line with the scope and branding on the entire event. This is not the first instance that you have acted unilaterally against the rules we have set for the event. As such, I would like to inform you that we are unable to continue our offer of booth space to Inc Wedding LLP in future MAAD.

Nevertheless, I wish you success in your future endeavour.

Best Regards,

Shannon Ong
Manager of MAAD
Norms' response:
As a Manager of MAAD, you lack of professionalism, credibility and do not have clear idea on the objective of MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers).[..]

As to the incident stated above, I did approach you to apologise and explained that this is a one time thing in line with MAAD anniversary to offer something different from Inc. Weddings. It is obvious that you are still clueless about Inc.Weddings nature of business - 'Asia needs a Martha Stewart' the icon of creative lifestyle, where we provide products from handmade to working with credible partners to promote creative lifestyle. Similarly like Inc. Weddings, hence we work with one of our partners which is a spa. To promote wellness using natural ingredients[..] the ear candling is not just simply burning wax paper but the art of relaxation through neck and ear message to release the toxin. We are disappointed with you, cause we came to an agreement that we are able to promote and sell package then customers will go to the spa to get their ear candling done at other time. You allow us to proceed with demo only by providing free demos to MAAD customers. Customers were awe and curious which lead to sales of trials at spa. Because the spa is the first to incorporate massage with ear candling. We kept the end of the bargain but not you - because you issue this letter.[..]

We view the way you manage MAAD more in line with your own preference, personal interest and clique of vendors rather than delivering the objective of MAAD.

Thanks to all who have overwhelmingly supported us during our stint at MAAD. We hope that you will continue to support us in our future events.

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