Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Secrets to staying ChantiQue

Well, we promised you treats and here it is, just for you girlies. This weekend at MAAD July, Inc. Weddings partners with ChantiQue Wellness to share with you secrets to a naturally ChantiQue (beautiful) new you. Because every woman deserves a little bit of pampering every now and then, and nothing beats the sheer indulgence of all things natural and holistic.

Ganggang Ratus
Ganggang Ratus is an age old secret of Javanese wives as a way of maintaining marital bliss. Using a very unique fusion of natural ingredients, this is truly a traditional feminine treatment used to help tone and tighten the vaginal muscles. Regular treatment of Ganggang is known to prevent or treat irritations, reduce excessive vaginal discharge and help to rid odors. I'd say, forget cosmetic surgery: A definite must-try!

Treatment duration: 15 - 20 mins
Usual Price $45 MAAD Special $20

Ear Candling
Ear candling is an ancient Egyptian therapy for deep cleansing and clearing of the passages linked with sinuses, ears, eyes and nose. This relaxing, safe and gentle therapy effectively vacuums out dirt, wax, bacteria and fluids from your ear. Its benefits include aiding the body's battle against pollution and unhealthy elements. Session also includes a focus massage on the shoulders and neck.

Treatment duration: 20 mins
Usual Price $30 MAAD Special $20

Spa Intro Kit is designed to offer the two most favorite spa treats..

Treatment duration: 1hr 15 mins
Usual Price $146 MAAD Special $58

For more information on these promotion, please contact June (9628 1104) or Norma (9004 7999).

Promotion valid only at MAAD July
On the spot Ear Candling on first come first serve basis
Ganggang and Spa treatment by appointment only (to be scheduled at ChantiQue Wellness, Arab St. upon sign-up and payment at MAAD)
Full cash payment upon sign-up on July 7 and 8

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